Elections to be held in West Kurdistan in four months

ANF – AMÛDÊ 08.01.2014 – The legislative assembly of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in West Kurdistan accepted a model of government, a social agreement and an election law at its meeting on 6 December. In accordance with this elections will be held in the three cantons of West Kurdistan within 4 months.

The legislative assembly was inaugurated at the meeting on 6 December by 61 of its 67 members in Amude. At its first session on 31 December a partial general amnesty was declared. At its second session the social agreement was accepted as the constitution and the model of government and election law were agreed upon.

In the social agreement Syria was defined as a democratic free and independent country, while West Kurdistan was divided into three cantons and these cantons were evaluated as part of Syria. For the Cizire canton three official languages were accepted: Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac. The protection and use of other languages was also safeguarded. In the agreement human rights, and the rights of workers, children, women and young people were also guaranteed. Positive discrimination was also adopted for Assyrians. The model of government is based on 4 precepts: the canton system, the legislative assemble, the administration and the Justice and High Election Council.A 40% quota system is to be implemented as regards gender in  government and a quota has also been introduced for young people. The co-chair system has been introduced for all public bodies. The assembly of the autonomous administration will have 101 deputies. The proportion of women in the assembly will not be lower than 40%. Anyone who receives 15 thousand votes will be entitled to a seat in the assembly.

The party that receives the most votes will form a government. The voter age has been fixed at 18. Ballots will be cast “in secret with absolutely no discrimination as regards gender, religion, din, opinion, ethnic identity or economic or social status”.

Canton administrations will have 20 ministers. These ministries will be as follows: Foreign Ministry, Legitimate Defence Ministry, Interior Ministry, Justice Ministry, Regional, Municipal, Population and Urban Planning Ministry, Finance Ministry, Work and Employment Ministry, Education Ministry, Agriculture Ministry Electric, Industry and Subterranean Resources Ministry, Health Ministry, Trade and Economy Ministry, Martyrs’ Families Ministry, Enlightenment and Communications Ministry, Youth and Sports Ministry, Tourism and Archaeology Ministry, Ministry of Religion, Women and Family Ministry and Human Rights Ministry.

According to the Election Law adopted, all elections will take place in all areas on the same day. In the Cizire canton the assembly will have representation according to ethnic group. 10% of seats will be reserved for Assyrians, 10% for Kurds, 10% for Arabs and 5% for other religious and ethnic communities. Legislative assembly member Ciwan Mihamed said that membership of the assembly would be kept open until 14 January, adding that the Constituent Assembly had been allotted the task of Legislative assembly Council and Project Council. Mihemed added that the assembly would establish subordinate offices and the electoral council, emphasising that elections should take place at the latest within 4 months under the observation of a commission, and that a standing legislative assembly would be established.

Mihemed concluded: “We hope that the Legislative assembly project will be a model for a democratic Syria.” http://en.firatajans.com/news/news/elections-to-be-held-in-west-kurdistan-in-four-months.htm