ECHR Rule 2 Decisions Against Turkey

BIANET 22.11.2012 – The European Court of Human Rights ruled against Turkey in two cases less in a week, ordering the Turkish state to pay Ahmet Sami Belek, Evrensel Daily Newspaper owner, and Murat Çelik, lawyer, a total of 23,320 Euros.

In a week, the European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty of torture, harsh treatment, violation of freedom of expression and union rights abuses in two separate cases. The court awarded the applicant Ahmet Sami Belek, the owner daily newspaper Günlük Evrensel, a sum of 10,320 Euros compensating pecuniary damage, non-pecuniary damage, costs and expenses.

“Relying in particular on Article 10 (freedom of expression), he complained that he had been convicted on three occasions under the Anti-Terrorism Act – which made it an offense to publish declarations or leaflets emanating from terrorist organizations – for having published articles containing statements by members of the illegal armed organization PKK (Workers’ Party of Kurdistan), including its president, Mr Öcalan,” the November 20 verdict said.

Police torture punished

In November 15, the court also ruled against Turkey with violation of Article 3 and 11 in the Murat Çelik case, finding the Turkish State guilty of torture, harsh treatment, insufficient investigation and union rights abuse.

The court awarded the applicant Murat Çelik a sum of 13,000 Euros.

In 2000, Çelik and plenty of protestors became subject to police violence when their attempt to make a public declaration concerning an amendment on Turkish Prison Act was blocked by the police forces. In his ECHR application, Çelik complained that official police investigations on his case did not yield any results and the statute of limitation has run out. (EÖ/HK)