ERBIL-Hewler, 27 May 2015 – PDKI – The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran KDPI in Kelashin mountains apprehended seven Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK fighters. In an effort to prove that KDPI’s Kurdish Forces do not seek a military confrontation with PKK all seven fighters were released, official KDPI website reported.KDPI’s Peshmerga commander in Kelashin mountain said that these seven PKK fighters were given backer their weapons and freed.The commander also revealed that after PKK fighters attacked a KDPI Peshmerga unit on Sunday May 24, KDPI’s Peshmega forces in Kelashin are on high alert. The Peshmerga commander also underlined that KDPI’s Peshmerga forces will not withdraw from their positions.

The commander also revealed that a large part of the borders between southern (Iraqi) and eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan into the Kurdish cities of Shno and Xane (Piranshar) is under the control of KDPI’s Peshmerga forces.PKK has on numerous occasions threatened KDPI’s Peshmerga forces despite KDPI’s efforts to solve the issue peacefully. Early Sunday morning, 24 May 2015, PKK fighters initiated military operations against KDPI Peshmerga forces on the border between southern (Iraqi) and eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan. After the attack many attempts were made by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and several other mutual friends of PKK and KDPI to calm down the tensions between the two sides. Both sides were supposed to meet in the parliament of southern Kurdistan to solve the issue peacefully.KDPI’s deletion and several KRG ministers was at the Parliament of Kurdistan for dialog, but the PKK deletion did not show up at the meeting, which was scheduled to take place today, 26th of May 2015.