Putting the Squeeze on Iran via Hezbollah / TRUMP CONTRA HEZBOLLAH

5 Febr 2018 – CIPHER BRIEF  – From selling drugs to profiting from a pig farm, Lebanese Hezbollah’s hypocrisy knows no bounds – a political party with a military army that does the bidding of the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

That was the reasoning behind new Trump administration sanctions announced Friday – little noticed during the brouhaha over the Nunes memo. The sanctions are meant to delay the flow of illicit cash to Hezbollah’s coffers, and frustrate its support of Syrian leader Bashar al Assad, as the group fights alongside Iranian volunteers at the behest of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

• Trump administration officials said this would be the first in a wave of sanctions against the group – meant to reverse the softly-softly approach Obama administration, which the officials believed put sealing a nuclear deal with Tehran ahead of combating the malign behavior of its proxies.

  • But Obama veterans of past anti-Hezbollah campaigns say Team Trump has so far failed to draw together the combined coalition needed to truly put the squeeze on the group by including Europe. European leaders especially are wary of joining the campaign, because of President Donald Trump’s repeated warnings that he may withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

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