EAST KURDISTAN (IRAN) : Kurdish politician on death fast in Tehran / Komala

ANF, TEHRAN 02.03.2013 – Kurdish politician Rahim Ilyasi (Şahram) in Rêca-i Şehr Prison in Tehran, capital and largest city of Iran, has gone on a death fast and needled his mouth on 24 February to protest against the prison administrator Ferec Nêjad who subjected him to arbitrary severe torture and insults.

Ilyasi was arrested and sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment five months ago for allegedly “spreading propaganda for Kurdistan Leftist Movement (KOMELE)” and “hiding arms”. Inmates in a number of Iranian prisons, mainly in Urmiye, Dizilabat, Senendec, İlam, Evin, Kehrizek and Kızıl Hîsar, have been suffering from violations of rights which made a number of inmates needle their mouths in protest against the Iranian regime numerous times so far. One of the most mind-blowing abuse of prisoners rights was witnessed in Kehrizek prison where inmates were raped following a protest demo by Kurds in Iran in 2008.