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Tanzania confirms it re-flagged 36 Iran ships, to deregister them
Tanzania said a shipping agent based in Dubai had reflagged 36 Iranian oil tankers with the Tanzanian flag without the country’s knowledge and approval (…) A ranking member of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, had accused Tanzania of reflagging at least six and possibly as many at 10 tankers, saying it was helping Iran evade U.S. and European Union sanctions aimed at pressuring Tehran to curb its nuclear program.

Major U.S. Sting Operation Arrests Iranian in Nuclear Smuggling Network
This case highlights that Iran continues to need high-technology goods from Western countries and China to operate and improve its centrifuge plants. Improved export controls and sanctions implementation, particularly by China, remain key to thwarting and delaying Iran’s efforts.

Strategic calculations behind U.S.-Iran confrontation on Syria
Given that, the United States has others targets in mind when it rattles its saber at Syria — not least Iran. Should the Assad government be toppled, Iran would be further isolated. Geopolitically speaking, Syria is a key link in the so-called “axis of resistance,” a string of anti-U.S. forces that also include Iran, the Lebanese group of Hezbollah and the Palestinian movement of Hamas. A Syrian collapse would probably bring the alliance with it.