EAST KURDISTAN – IRAN : 136 years for 6 Kurdish political activists

MESOP NEWSDESK, 20.9.2012 – The Iranian Revolution Court has handed 136 years imprisonment on 6 Kurdish political activists based in Sine (Sanadanj) and Meriwan cities. The Islamic Revolution Court in Sine handed 120 years sentences on 4 Kurdish political activists for their alleged affiliation with the Kurdish political organisations. Eyub Esedi was sentenced to 20 years, Chengiz Qedemxer to 40 years, Fexre Fereci to 30 years and Mihemmed Husen to 30 years, the report said. The Islamic Revolution Court in Meriwan has also sentenced Kawe Fereci and Kawe Muradi, two political activists who have been held incommunicado for the last year, to 8 years each.