Dutch MP Harry Van Bommel says “We support Syrian Kurds call for their rights”

September 15, 2012 – AFP – RUDAW – FIRAT NEWS et.al – AMSTERDAM, –  Member of the Dutch parliament and foreign and European spokesperson for socialist party Mr Harry Van Bommel warned against the Turkish interference in Syrian Kurds’ affairs to confront their aspirations and self- governing of their own areas.

In an interview with the Kurdish website Onkurd Harry Van Bommel said ‘the Kurds in Syria are struggling to get their rights in administrating their own areas, which are legitimate and lawful’.

He expected that the Turkish state would make troubles and hardships for Kurds in Syrian, even will interfere in the Syrian conflict and would resort to force to halt the Kurdish aspirations and ambitions.

Harry Van Bommel added that ‘NATO should stop Turkey in case it would resort to violence against the Kurds, I in the name of my party, socialist party, call upon NATO to be committed to such a thing’. He added that the security could be lost for a while in Syria and that the country could turn into an arena for violence.He went on saying ‘I condemn the Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s efforts to take part in the conflict in Syria ‘they are doing that for political agenda, which are not in favour of Syrian people’.

Harry Van Bommel pointed out that they have strong relationships with some Syrian opposition factions without mentioning them ‘to not expose or endanger those factions’.