Duran Kalkan (PKK) : AKP wants to recover lost votes in Kurdistan

ANF – BEHDINAN 10.12.2013 –  Speaking at the Analysis programme on Sterk TV, KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Committee member Duran Kalkan drew attention to the importance of the 30 March 2014 local elections to the Kurdish people and democratic forces.

Kalkan stressed that the AKP wished to compensate for its loss of votes in Turkey in general by increasing its share of the vote in Kurdistan, saying that; “The AKP is playing its last trump cards. It is standing what it thinks are its strongest candidates. Members of Parliament, ministers, all of them involved in underhand business with MIT and JITEM.”

Kalkan remarked that the future of the AKP would be determined by the results of these elections. “Has the AKP reached the end of the road or will it go on? In particular, the future of Tayyip Erdoğan is dependent on these elections”, he underlined.

Kalkan emphasized that the ruling AKP government claims to have the support of the Kurds and it wants to protect that position, but it is handicapped by the fact that its tricks and demagogy have been revealed for all to see.

‘The AKP cannot meet the needs of the system, it is in conflict with everyone’

Kalkan said that if the AKP had a mission it had now fulfilled it, and that it was now in a position where it could not meet the demands of the system, either at home or abroad. KCK executive remarked that; “The AKP is in conflict, particularly with the Fethullah Gülen movement. It is in alliance with the Hizbi contras. It is prepared to make concessions to gain support. It has been weakened. For this reason it is concentrating on Kurdistan and trying to get votes from Kurds. Towards that end it has made concessions to the KDP. They took Barzani to Amed, as if to say: ‘we have brought you a new leader’. But we trust the people of Amed. They know who their leader is. They found their realities in the ideas of President Apo, so they will not be deceived.”

‘Its candidates are those with links to MIT and JITEM’

Referring to the fact that the candidates AKP has chosen, members of parliament, ministers, all have soiled hands from their links to state intelligence services, Kalkan underlined that; “It thinks it will win votes in Kurdistan through them. But they are mistaken. The candidate, Ensarioglu, is an AKP MP. He is trying to fool the people by pretending to be a patriot, but the AKP’s stance on the Kurdish question is known. At the general elections they took away Hatip Dicle’s seat and gained another for themselves.”

‘The Kurdish people has the potential to teach the AKP a lesson’

Kalkan added he was sure the Kurdish people would teach the AKP a lesson in Amed, Dersim, Bingöl, Serhat, Batman, Mardin, Botan and Colemerg, saying: “The Kurds are well aware of how a democratic resolution and freedom will be achieved.”

‘If the AKP win the elections the mass annihilation concept will be reintroduced’

Kalkan emphasized that if the AKP achieves a good result developments would be similar to the aftermath of the 12 June 2011 elections. Kalkan recalled that the AKP implemented a total war concept against the Kurdish people following the 2011 elections, based on the fact it had won 50% of the vote nationwide.

‘Everyone must work to ensure the AKP does not win the elections’

Kalkan emphasized that it was vital to strive to ensure the AKP did not win the elections in Turkey in general and in Kurdistan in particular., adding: “Patriot democratic forces must be victorious. Democratic candidates must win on 30 March. Some say that the AKP is resolving the Kurdish question, but what have they done in over 11 years? While they recognise the existence of South Kurdistan because of their economic relations there, they don’t even accept the existence of the Kurdish people of North Kurdistan. They will not allow education in the mother tongue. 12 years ago Tayyip Erdoğan’s views on the Kurdish question when he was Mayor of Istanbul were better, but he has not implemented any of these. He has regressed. Therefore it is as clear as day what he will do in the event of the AKP winning the elections.”

‘The AKP’s tricks and deception must be exposed’

Kalkan stressed that in order to come out on top at the local elections the reality of the AKP must be revealed for all to see. He defended that a principled democratic election programme must be drawn up, that unites all groups, leftists, liberals, Islamists, Alevis, Kurds, all ethnic groups and Christians. Kalkan added that candidates must work hard to ensure the mobilisation of the potential voter base, saying: “Direct contact must be established with people. Whoever works hard and represents truth and democracy will win.”