Draft constitution for Syrian Kurds will benefit youths (YASA)

29.12.2013 – Taha Hussein – BasNews (Erbil): The draft constitution for Syrian Kurdistan, largely backed by Kurdish youths, has positive results for Kurds.- The Kurdish Center for Studies and Legal Consultancy (YASA) provided a draft constitution for Syrian Kurdistan. The draft was prepared by a team of legal experts.

Samples of constitutions of federal countries, including Canada, Belgium and the Kurdistan Region, have been used as examples for the Syrian Kurds.  

“The most important point of the draft was human rights principles that have been emphasized based on the international laws,” said Gian Baderkhan, one of the legal experts that worked on the draft. “We will decided on legalizing the constitution and then Syrian people will confirm it or not. The reason we’ve prepared it so soon is so the problem does not appear in the future,” said Badrkhan to Iraqi media.

Badrkhan also stressed the positive impact of the project among Kurdish people and particularly among Kurdish youths, saying that the human rights principles will have a positive impact on their lives and their future. “YASA organization has also decided to add some more laws about other social aspects in 2014 in order to strengthen the Kurdish community in other parts of Syria,” concluded Badrkhan.

The project was named Draft Constitution of Kurdistan region – Syria, and was presented in a press Conference in Erbil last week.