Dozens killed in al-Nusra attack on Kurdish villages

Kurdpress 7.8.2013 – More than 70 civilians were killed and hundreds were displaced as the militants of Islamic extremist group of Jabahat al-Nusra attacked on two Syrian Kurdish villages in the north of the country.

Tel Hasil and Tel Aaran are the two villages which have been completely evacuated by al-Nusra forces. In an interview with Kurdpress news agency, Syrian pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) official Naser Haji Mansour confirmed the death toll and evacuation of the villages.He said al-Nusra forces have “received big losses in fighting with Kurdish forces in Tel Abyad and are trying to revenge the defeats by attacking the civilians.”

Meanwhile press TV said in a report that al-Nusra Militants attacked on Tel Abyad district of Raqqa governorate on Monday and killed 450 civilians  .“The victims were said to be women, children and the elderly,” the report said. Press TV has also posted a video an its website which shows the al-Qaeda affiliated group pouring a flammable liquid on the hand-cuffed, blind-folded men, who appear to be Syrian Kurdish soldiers, and push them in to a fire they have made.