Yesterday, in Strasbourg (France), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted with a very large majority (142 votes in favour, 35 against, 6 abstentions) a resolution on “Post-monitoring dialogue with Turkey”.

The draftswoman is Mrs Josiette DURRIEU, French Socialist member of PACE.

What is interesting to know is that the “amendment n.27” has also been adopted yesterday with a large majority too (152 in favour, 16 against, 11 abstention) which describes PKK’s members as “activists” and not “terrorists”, as originally suggested

(please check paragraph 15.8 of the resolution). – So, for your information, please ask for the items as follows: which we will send to you on pdf.

1) the FRENCH version of the adopted resolution, with (at the end of the PDF file here attached) the results “name by name / country by country” of the so-called “roll call vote”.

Is interesting to note that the PACE’s Turkish delegation “splitted” during the vote, some of them voting in favour, others against, other abstention.

2) the ENGLISH version of the resolution as adopted, with the “list of roll call votes” at the end of the PDF attached file;

3) the full text of the amendment n.27 to the resolution, which was adopted and changed the paragraph 15.8 (from “terrorists” to “activists”).

You can find at the end of the PDF file the “roll call vote” of PACE’s Members.

Is interesting to note that, also in this case, the Turkish delegation “splitted” during the vote (have a look to it, it seems politically interesting in my personal opinion);

4) an article of ZAMAN on-line published this morning, it gives you a non-official “Turkish reaction” on the vote (Zaman, of course, do not represent “the entire Turkish public opinion or institutions”, others Turkish newspaper are much more “positive” about it, I’m sending this article because it gives “the Turkish mood”, nothing else).