Diyarbakir conference ends, stresses on autonomy for Turkey & Syria Kurds

26.9.2013 – Kurdpress – The Kurdish conference in Turkey southeastern province of Diyarbakir, amid at demanding meeting the rights of the Kurds, ended with the final statement stressing on autonomy for Syria and Turkey Kurds, Ozgur gundem said in a report.

The statement stressed on the importance of the local foundations and their significance in boosting democracy, adding that the Kurds should be allowed to govern their regions. Attended by guests from Netherland, Ireland, Spain, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, the conference reiterated a self-ruling autonomy will guarantee peace and stability in Turkey and asked Ankara to take needed steps in this regard. An article of the conference’s statement stressed on the right of Syria Kurds to be allowed to run their regions. The conference was held by Turkey southeastern municipalities and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) affiliated civil and political foundations.