Dictators don’t speak diplomacy! / KURDISH VOICES ON OBAMA

September 12, 2013  – By Sharif Beruz –  US President, Barack Obama gave in to another unintelligent diplomacy to deal with another Mid-East crisis, which given the nature of the issues and regimes involved, in essence require a non-diplomatic solution or at least the threat of use of force to deal with them.

The West’s politics of inaction and indifference to the crisis in Syria – and most importantly to the use of chemical weapons by Assad forces – has led the Islamic Republic of Iran to further infiltrate the Syrian territories and the wider region, as the video below proves.

Iranian IRGC and Quds forces’ deep involvement in Syria – after Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan all became Iranian regime’s client states – is no longer a secret. Regime officials publicly consider an attack on Syria as an attack on Iran, and given the UK and US disinterest in or fear of military involvement, the Revolutionary Guards commanders under the Ayatolla’s command are pretty convinced that the West is intimidated by these threats, and will budge as in the case of nuclear program dossier a decade old now, but still without a solution.

One wonders, why such a hawkish military policy is advocated here:

-The Iranian and Syrian regime haven’t come to govern their people through the ballot boxes; they have ruled and continue to rule their people brutally with an iron fist, and they only resort to diplomacy when fits their interest or those of their masters in Moscow and Beijing.

-Diplomacy in their minds is the best tool to buy time to proceed with their vicious agendas, be it Arab-Israeli conflict, nuclear program, regional insecurity and most recently the Syrian crisis.

-Since force is the only language they speak, at the end of the day, when convenient, they will destroy all the bridges of diplomacy, invade your embassy, target your interests and make your and your electorate frustrated and exhausted.  Once cornered, they will raise their white flag and this vicious circle will breathe their existence.

It was not surprising to see Iranians chant “Obama, Ya ba onha ya ba ma”, meaning: Obama, either with them [regime] or with us [people] when the President ignored the plight of Iranians when they poured to the streets in millions in 2009 for the sake of diplomacy.  While marines landed in Baghdad 10 years ago, a foreign reporter asked a citizen in Tehran of what they thought of it.  The citizen responded “when will they be landing here?” This was the case in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and certainly is the case for Syrians and Iranians who have endured excessive brutalities in the hands of Assad family and the Mullahs.

While ordinary Syrians overwhelmingly favour a foreign intervention to stop Assad’s killing machine, regrettably, President Obama finally gave in to a sham diplomacy proposed by the Russians who love to be surrounded by co-dictators.