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PDKI Celebrated 67th Anniversary of the Republic of Kurdistan

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) celebrated the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Kurdistan in Peshawa Hall in Hawler, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, on the January 21, 2013. The Republic of Kurdistan was proclaimed on January 22, 1946. The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, which was established one year earlier, formed […]

Revolutionary Guards Killed a Kurdish Citizen in Rabat

On Tuesday Iranian revolutionary guard soldiers killed a Kurdish man by the name of Ismail Sherefi in the town of Rabat in Iranian Kurdistan. According to the news agency Sherefi, who was from the village of Nistan, sat in his car to drive to the town of Sardasht and was stopped by revolutionary guard soldiers […]

Kurdish Student Activist Stages a Hunger Strike

An imprisoned Kurdish student by the name of Naser Naseri started a hunger strike in the prison of Mahabad due to bad conditions in the prison.
Naseri was arrested and sentenced to prison on charges of being a member of Kurdish opposition party.  Naseri has complained that he has been subjected to torture and denied […]

PDKI’s Head of Foreign Relation Spoke at Al Jazeera Conference

Earlier this year, Al Jazeera Center for Studies organized, in collaboration with the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies, a conference on the Kurdish issue
in all parts of Kurdistan. The conference, entitled “The Kurdish Question in the Mashriq,” took place over a period of two days in Doha, on the 13-14
January 2013, at the […]

Kurdish Student Activist Arrested in Paveh

Iran’s intelligence service arrested a Kurdish student activist in the city of Paveh. Kurdistan Press Agency reports that Hemn Ajend was arrested on Sunday 20, January. According to news agency Ajend has been transferred to Dezl Abad prison in Kermanshar. There is no information about what Ajend has been charged with. Hemn Ajend is known for being […]

Five People Killed by Grenade in Ilam

An grenade in the Kurdish province of Ilam’s Malekshahi County caused the deaths of five family members.
Two other members of the same family got injured as a result of the explosion, and were taken to the nearby hospital.

Yet Another Kurdish Courier Killed in Baneh

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard killed yet another Kurdish courier outside the Kurdish city of Baneh. Kurdistan Press Agency reports that revolutionary guard soldiers opened fire on a Kurdish courier by the name of Sabir Alton outside Baneh and killed him. Alton was only 17 years old and was from the Kurdish city of Piranshar. He was forced into […]

Kurdish Political Prisoner Denied Medical Treatment

According to reports from the Central Prison in Mahabad a Kurdish political prisoner by the name of Qasem Rehimazer is being denied medical treatment in the prison despite being very sick. Instead of offering Rehimazer medical treatment he has been put in solitary confinement on orders of Iran’s intelligence service.

Qasem Rehimazer, who is from the Kurdish […]