Visiting the ministry of interior from Zhyan group’s team

8.1.2013 – After passing one month of the continues threatening on Bahar Munzir who is one of our members in the organization and passing one month and five days of shooting Parwin Azez when she was inside her Hotel room  in the city of  Erbil, our team is paying a visit to the Minstar of interior on 9-1-2013, at 4:00:PM pm, to discuss the dissatisfaction of the police and Asaish of their lack in finding the accused people.

Ms. Bahar for several times daily is facing threaten from unknown people and affecting the situation of herself and the organization as well, but unfortunately no one from the authoritarian tried to help her or at least provide her a security environment. The routine way of working in the courts and the police stations directed them to ignore this important case. Furthermore, the situation is the same with Ms. Parwin Azez .

Therefore, we ask from the countries, the councils, and the United Nations to work directly and indirectly on this case and at the same time to contact with the Asaish and the ministry of interior to work on this issue seriously. In addition, Zhyan’s group is seeking for solving this condition. 

The main reason of the threaten is Khatu Bahar’s deep working on women’s killing cases, especially Sakar’s case in Ranya region .

The team of the visitors from our group is:

Bahar Munzir, Parwin Aziz, Falah Moradkhan, Sozan Arif, and Shokhan Hama Rashid.

For more information and contacting: 07709102237 , 07701523954

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