Demirtaş: Turkey should cooperate with PYD (AND VICE VERSA !)


HDP Co-president said that the operation for Suleyman Shah tomb has once again proved that the Turkish government’s policy on Syria is based on faults and mistakes.

Monday, February 23, 2015- Amed – Anf – HDP Co-president Selahattin Demirtaş, Kars deputy Mülkiye Birtane and DBP Co-president Kamuran Yüksek have today met with executives from the Revolutionary Democrat Kurdish Union (DDKD), Participatory Democracy Party (KADEP), Azadi Movement, Return to Essence Platform and Freedom and Socialism Party (ÖSP) leaders and executives. The meeting in the main Kurdish city Amed has handled the general elections on 7 June.

HDP Co-president Selahattin Demirtaş who answered reporters’ questions before the meetings said that the operation for Suleyman Shah tomb has once again proved that the Turkish government’s policy on Syria is based on faults and mistakes, recalling their repeatedly voiced warning that ISIS constitutes a danger for Turkey as well.

Demirtaş pointed out that the AKP government has not fought against the ISIS which has now started to threaten Turkey as well and will constitute a greater danger for Turkey from now on. “They (referring to ISIS) will not remain contented with the Suleyman Shah tomb alone and they will enhance their threat against Turkey everywhere they can. Against this threat, the government must take up a very healthy position,” he underlined and put emphasis on the importance of Turkey’s cooperation with the democracy powers in the region, the PYD (Democratic Union Party) being in the first place. HDP Co-President continued: “We saw what a humanitarian corridor means in the Suleyman Shah operation. If a corridor through Turkey had been opened into Kobanê during the first days of ISIS attacks, and if an access of military aid from Cizirê to Kobanê had been ensured, i.e. among Kurds themselves, ISIS could have been driven out of those lands yet in the first days. We however do not approve the representation of a victory by government at the current state of affairs. There is no political or military victory in question but this incident has been an exemplary one proving that the earlier the faults are rectified, the better it is.”

Remarking that the PYD has also manifested here that it had no relation of animosity with Turkey, Demirtaş suggested that Turkey should distinguish friend from foe and establish a proper policy and relation with the PYD and Rojava. “The PYD forces and the people there are not a danger for Turkey, ISIS on the contrary is the enemy of Turkey. Relation between Rojava and Turkey cannot be grounded on hostilities and fears forever. We have always supported the development of reciprocal relations,” he stressed. Also answering questions regarding the ‘resolution process’, Demirtaş said that the sides are yet to reach a point of issuing a joint statement of agreement, attributing this to the unilateral impositions and manipulations of the government.HDP Co-president said they supported and made an endeavour for an urgent initiation of negotiations for peace, remarking that they treated the process with the awareness of the fact that peace is the most urgent need of the peoples in Turkey. Nothing concrete has come forward yet, he added.