Demirtas: Ocalan is sincere, Kurds do not trust the AKP


March 3, 2015 by KDN – Batman (ANF) – HDP Co-president Selahattin Demirtaş, speaking at the HDP Batman first Congress, drew attention to the statement made on Saturday by the Imrali delegation, saying: “We know Mr Öcalan is being sincere and that the KCK will fulfil its part of the bargain. However, the AKP does not fill us with confidence.” He added that he had absolutely no faith in the AKP and that he did not believe it would bring freedom to the country. “We will see this in the ‘internal security package’ in particular,” he added.

Demirtaş said the joint statement made by the Imrali delegation and the government was an important step, opening the way to a new period of hope. He said there were two aspects of the call, one for the AKP to play its part and the other being for the KCK to disarm. He added that while he knew Mr Öcalan was sincere and was sure that the KCK would play its part, he was not so confident when it came to the AKP. “13 years of practice tells us this. I have absolutely no faith in the AKP bringing freedom to the country. We will see with the ‘Internal Security Package’. We cannot accept such a package that is contrary to the European Court of Human Rights. We call on the government to halt this package and to discuss it again with the parties. Otherwise, we will step up our struggle. We will never accept this law that legitimises slaughter.”

Demirtaş continued, saying that the HDP’s principal task was to end the persecution and tyranny of the AKP. “We will exceed the threshold and prevent the AKP being in government by itself. We will not support the presidential system. Turkey needs stronger local government, not a presidential system.” Demirtaş added that they did not need consensus or a joint declaration. “What they want from us is for the AKP to turn the process of resolution into an election campaign. The mainstream media and the AKP are disturbed by us. They should not cross our red lines. We will do whatever we can to ensure the success of the process of resolution, but the AKP is hypocritical. If the government introduces a democratisation package before the elections we will support it. To say the HDP is opposed to the process is a betrayal. Batman has suffered the worst pain of the conflict. Despite this, you have taken ownership of the peace process. Let us be clear. If the AKP wins, peace will be an illusion. If the HDP wins it will become a reality. It is the HDP that will ensure the PKK gives up its arms, not the AKP.”