1.5.2013 – MESOP  – Diyarbakir- A delegation of Israeli mayors and high- ranking officials arrived yesterday in Turkey southeastern city of Diyarbakir, Ihlas news agency said.

The 6- member delegation welcomed and received by Diyarbakir Sur district mayor Abdullah Demirbas. The visit of the delegation, arrived in Diyarbakir at the invitation of Sur district, comes within Turkey- Israel soothing relations. “I come from Quds Mawisirt Tesion, where a Kurds was one of its early founders and a half of its today population is Kurd. Therefore I do not feel a foreigner in Diyarbakir and see it as my own home,” one of Quds mayors and a member of the delegation Arye Shamam told reporters, appreciating Demirbas for inviting the delegation.

The invitation will sure boost cultural ties between the Kurds and Israelis, he said.The delegation is due to visit Diyarbakir Jewish suburb and old graveyard and meet the city’s political and cultural activists during its four- day- stay in the city.