Demands for referendum on self-determination in East Kurdistan

Monday, 10 September 2012 – NEWSDESK, — A group of Kurdish academics, artists, journalists and civil activists have declared in a statement that they demand a referendum to be implemented in East Kurdistan to decide the future administration of Kurdish people in this part of Kurdistan.

In response to the antagonistic statement of the Iranian opposition group against the agreement reached by two Kurdish political parties to launch a unified front, a number of Kurdish academics, journalists and activists demand a referendum to be conducted in East Kurdistan on self-determination of the Kurds.

The full statement as translated by Rojhelat reads as follow:

Declaration of a number of libertarian and civil activists in East Kurdistan

For the last few days since the signing of an agreement between the two Kurdish political parties of East Kurdistan (Democrat Party of Iranian Kurdistan and the Iranian Kurdistan Komele) the Iranian chauvinism has once again pointed its focal attacks on Kurdistan.

Although this agreement embodies a tiny amount of the legitimate national demands of the Kurdish nation, nevertheless it has been the subject of attacks by the Iranian authoritarian opposition. This fact exhibits the concord between this pretentious opposition and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the suppression of the legitimate rights of the Kurdish nation.

Such a scale of hostility toward an agreement which represents a minimal level of aspiration of the Kurdish nation, displays fears of the Iranian authoritarian opposition from the unity and coherence of Kurdish political parties and circles.

Hereby we the signatories of this declaration urge all Kurdistan’s parties to launch wider and stronger fronts while we are manifesting our backings for any kinds of unity and cooperation among the political parties of East Kurdistan in the struggle to realise the legitimate rights of Kurdish nation.

The antagonistic positioning of pan-Iranist spanning the rights, the lefts and communists as well as the Islamists to the [aforementioned] agreement demonstrates that hostility toward the Kurdish nation and the suppression of liberation movements of this resilient people comes at the top of these circles’ agendas. When it comes to the rights of the Kurdish nation, they would all set aside their previous disagreements and the suppression of the legitimate struggles of Kurdish nation becomes their joint and sanctified goal—whose pretext is the preservation of Iranian territorial integrity.

Therefore we have reached a conclusion that maintenance of life within the framework of Iranian borders has become impossible for the Kurdish nation, owing to the fact that the Kurdish nation has been subjected to threats from both the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as its opposition.  This would mean that after the downfall of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a new cycle of suppression of the Kurdish nation by the current opposition—the Iran’s potential rulers— would break out.

Consequently, we the signatories of this declaration stress on the rights of the Kurds to self-determination and of the Kurds’ power to determine their destiny. To avoid the repetition of catastrophes that have plagued Kurdistan for the last eighty years, we call for a referendum to be implemented in Kurdistan under the supervision of the international institutions and the humanitarian foundations, in order to decide Kurdistan’s future political administration.

Long live Liberation Movement of Kurdish Nation

A group of Kurdistan’s libertarian and civil activists, 08/09/2012

Dr. Awat Sarej, political activist, Kurdistan

Dr. Awat Eliyar, political activist, United States

Dr. Hiwa Penayi, university lecturer, Greece

Dr. Reshid Kirmanc, university lecturer, Kurdistan

Rebwar Siyuili, university lecturer and author, Kurdistan

Namo Rostemzade, artist and university lecturer, Kurdistan

Resul Teymuri, university lecturer, Turkey

Ebdulla Sohrabi. Meriwan former deputy to the Iranian Parliament, Iran

Ehmed Sherbegi, political activist, Switzerland

Celil Azadixah. Author and journalist, Sweden

Aref Nadiri, political activist and journalist, Norway

Solin Hacadur, author and women activist, Norway

Mesud Menaf, journalist, Sweden

Cemil Kolahi, journalist, Norway

Cemal Neccari, journalist, France

Cewad Heyderi, journalist, Kurdistan

Resul Sultani poet and translator, Kurdistan

Efrasiyab GErami, journalist, Germany

Dilshad Cemshidi, journalist, Finland

Hawar Baziyan, journalist, Sweden

Surkiyu Zeki, author and civil activist, Sweden

Mesud Fethi, journalist, Kurdistan

Mehmud Sherifi, journalist, Kurdistan

Ayaz Siyawshan, author, Norway

Chiya Eliyar, journalist, Sweden

Azad Kurdi, journalist, Belgium

Ibrahim Cehangir, journalist, Canada

Celal Hanisi, poet and author, Kurdistan

Semira Hoshiyran, labour activist, Canada

Kawis Ezizi, political activist, Denmark

Cemal Purkerim, journalist, France

Shiler Derweshi, journalist, France

Aso Piroti, journalist, Austria

Hesen Shefii, political activist, Canada

Eli Nikrusht, civil activist, Belgium

Cehangir Fethullahi, student activist and member of Kurdish Human Right Organisation, Germany

Artin Hemdi, political activist, Norway

Dilan Seydi, author and political activist, Sweden

Ferhad Sulemanpur, teacher, Kurdistan

Mihemed Cemshidi, journalist, Kurdistan

Mihemed Reshidi, political activist, Norway

Reshid Zerwawi, political activist, Germany

Keyhan Yosofi, secretary of Iranian Kurdistan Democrat Students, Kurdistan

Kemal Shemami, political activist, France

Eli Chemenguli, political activist, Norway

Aram Mihemediyan, political activist, Finland

Gulale Kemangir, author and critic, Norway

Hesen Salihzade, civil activist, France

Peri Reshidiyan, political activist, Norway

Erselan Yarehmedi, political activist, Kurdistan

Salar Xalediyan, cultural activist, Iran

Susen Mihemedxani, reporter, France

Kerim Haci Resuli, political activist, Sweden

Hiwa Behrami, political activist, Austria

Seed Senendeci, political activist, Sweden

Herish Nasri, journalist, Sweden

Chiya Ebdullapur, lawyer, Finland

Kamran Qazi, political independent activist, Sweden

Seed Rizwendi, translator and former student activist, England

Eziz Kerimi, political activist, Germany

Nahid Mukri, women activist, Sweden

Semir purandixt, women right activist, Kurdistan

Komar Reshi, political activist, Kurdistan

Husen Ehmedpur, journalist, Kurdistan

Sohrab Kerimi, student activist, Kurdistan

Fereydun Biwar, journalist, Kurdistan

Umid Mustefapur, member of Democrat Party and student activist, Kurdistan

Wehid Hebibpena, human rights activist, Sweden

Erfan Rehnemun, political activist, Norway

Celal Eshrefzade, student and political activist, Norway

Kejal Direxshani, political activist, Norway

Soran Kerbaschiyan researcher and historian, Norway

Cemshid Behrami, author and film director

Ednan Henrur, translator and journalist, Germany

Mihemed Firuten, political activist, Holland

Rizgar Hebibzade, political activist, Norway

Fethi Mirzaiyan, political activist, England

Selah Armash, civil activist, Sweden

Saman Hesenxali, cultural activist, Iran

Ferhad Ekberi, author and translator, Kurdistan

Nahid Dehban, specialist in hair and skin and political activist, Sweden

Ariya Huseni, student activist, Germany

Hiwa Azeri, political activist, Kurdistan

Rehman Dartash, political activist, Kurdistan

Hilho Canali, secretary of Kurdistan Hilho Website, Norway

Hiwa Xoshheykel, specialist in political science, Norway

Fazel Sultanpena, political activist, Finland

Serkut Behrami, political activist, Norway

Kerim Fexirpur, political activist, Finland

Hesen Sultanpena, political activist, Norway

Bextiyar Sultanpena, political activist, Norway

Fershad Dolabi, political activist, Italy

Ibrahim Muradpur, political activist, Norway

Hiwa Ema Cume (Shahrox), political activist, Norway

Serkut Behrami, political activist, Norway

Umid Selimi, political activist, Norway

Sehra Sehrai, political activist, Switzerland

Selam Ismailpur, political activist, Kurdistan

Sabir Fethi, political activist, Kurdistan

Hejar Kirmashani, political activist, Sweden

Hedayet Nesiriyan, political activist, Kurdistan

Musa Babaxani (Kirmashani), political activist, Kurdistan

Rehim Girgoli, political activist, Kurdistan

Reza Emini, political activist, Kurdistan

Rehman Emiri, student activist, Kurdistan

Aram Ibrahimxales, political activist, Kurdistan

Kamil Neccari, architect engineer, Kurdistan

Amer Goli, journalist, Kurdistan

Bijen Gubadi, political activist, Kurdistan

Irec Mihemedi, poet, Kurdistan

Shaho Huseni, journalist, Turkey

Kawe Sultanpena, political activist, Norway

Nizar Kwestani, poet and author, Finaln

Sasan Emcedi, journalist, Switzerland

Truske Sadeqi, poet, Kurdistan

Jiwar Resuli, journalist, Kurdsitan

Aso Xebat, poet, Kurdistan