Davutoglu’s offering to PYD

Turkish foreign minister sets three conditions for “talks with Syria-based Kurdish group” “Three conditions for PYD” daily YENI SAFAK [pro-government headlined, saying that Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had laid down three conditions for PYD — a Kurdish armed group based in Syria which allegedly had links with terrorist organization PKK.

The daily said, “PYD which used to cooperate with Assad now wants to negotiate [with Turkey]. There are signals that PYD could be taken as an interlocutor in Syria with the following conditions: 1-Quit support for the Assad regime. 2-Avoid making any territorial claim or any unilateral de facto autonomy before a Syrian national assembly convenes. 3-Avoid supporting any terrorist aggression against Turkey.”

1. They are fighting with the regime in Aleppo now

2. They already have a de-facto autonomy

3. PYD always say they do not pose a threat against Turkey, but some claim Turkey is negotiating with the PKK now because of the PYD controlling the North of Syria. Off course, if there is a deal between Ankara and PKK: PKK is not more a threat.