Davutoglu announces package for Syria

23-1-2014 – Kurdpress – Turkey Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced a package which will oust Syrian President Bashar al- Assad and his deputies in a time line, Anadolu said.“Assad regime considers all opposition and even refugees as terrorists and allows itself to attack civilians and bombard them. What has occurred in Syria is a massacre and the international community should not ignore it,” Davutoglu said, addressing Geneva II peace conference on Wednesday in Montreux, Swiss.

 Stating his support to Syria main opposition council Leader Ahmad Asi al- Jarba, the Turkish top foreign diplomat added: “We should accept that they Syrian regime has lost credibility and Bashar al- Assad is needed to play no role in future of Syria.”

He ultimately announced Turkey’s stance towards Syria developments in six articles:

1. An interim government is needed to be established according to the demands of the opposition after Geneva II.

2. Syria regime has lost its credibility.

3. A serious solution should be found to end killings.

4. Syria integrity is needed to be kept.

5. Syria should prioritize rights and democracy.

6. Syria people’s agony and pain should be brought to an end.

After Davutoglu’s speech, the UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon appreciated Turkey attempt in helping Syria refugees in the country.