COSMETICAL STORIES : Details emerging about Paris killings

ANKARA, 2.2.2013 – AKSAM  – Turkish daily Akşam wrote on Thursday about an allegation on Ömer Güney, the man under arrest since 19 January in connection with the killings of Sakine Cansız, a co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Fidan Doğan, representative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Paris, and Leyla Şaylemez, member of the Kurdish youth movement, in Paris on 9 January.

The suspect’s uncle Zekai Güney claimed that Ömer had been accompanied by two other persons while entering the Kurdistan Information Office, where the three Kurdish politicians were killed. Uncle Güney said the image of these two people had been “removed” from the security footage that French police has seized in connection with the investigation into the executions.

Zekai Güney, who grounded the allegation on the statements of the suspect’s father, said that; “My brother told me that according to the information he received from French prosecution office and lawyers, Ömer had denied committing the murders in his testimony. According to what he told me, Ömer alleged there had been two other people with him and that the footage had been falsified by removing these two persons’ records. He must have mentioned the names of those two people who are however not seen in the footage held by the prosecutor now”.

If the allegation is true, this means Ömer’s life is under threat, said Uncle Güney and remarked that they worried about the probability of Ömer falling victim of an unidentified murder inside or outside prison. “We do not think the French state doesn’t have a hand in in the killings, which means that no light will be shed on the murders. We didn’t know about Ömer’s visit to Ankara in August until we read about it in press.

He never paid a visit to us. When I asked his father about Ömer’s visit to Ankara, he told me that Ömer had gone to Ankara to attend the wedding ceremony of a workmate of his he had met in Germany.”