Shwan Barzinji – BasNews (Erbil): 8.12.2013 – The head of KRG Watchdog, Dr. Ahmed Anwar, has revealed that many Kurdish officials register their wealth under other people’s names, making it hard to track down corruption.

“We have prepared an electronic form made up of 15 pages with questions on salary, bank account, and other sources of revenue. This form will be directed at the presidency, government and parliament; I will start with myself,” said Anwar.

“The level of corruption is unknown in Kurdistan and combating it cannot be done through words, but rather through actions,” he added.  

Anwar explained that officials will not be allowed to carry out any work outside of their governmental position. KRG Watchdog will meet with the head of Iraq Watchdog and his deputy, to generate more effective plans for decreasing the level of corruption. “We will set up an official website and phone number so people can contact us if they become aware of a case of corruption, this way we can investigate; his or her name and contact details will not be disclosed,” added Anwar. Anwar also expressed hope that the new government of the Kurdistan Region will pay more attention to justice and the ways in which laws get implemented. He hopes that changes will start taking place within the next few years.