Confederation only solution for Iraq: Kurdish official Aref Taifur

BasNews – January 20, 2014 – BAGHDAD,— The deputy speaker of Iraq’s parliament, Aref Taifur, believes that the only solution for Iraq is confederation.

Taifur’s office released a statement claiming “confederation is the only solution for Iraq because for a decade people have been suffering at the hands of the central government. Iraq needs a new political system fitting to its different factions. Everybody knows that a unilateral system in Iraq will likely lead to a dictatorship.”

Taifur also pointed out that a confederation can be key in establishing the principles of a democracy and will also solve potential crises that may arise between community and government.“Confederation is a continuous unity between small states that have a shared agreement on the basis of a shared constitution. It is mostly used for political and defensive cases which are based on confederation principles that will solve all problems,” explained Taifur.

Taifur concluded his statement by writing: “a confederation system is vital to Iraq, and it needs to be applied. It will also be necessary to curb corruption and stand against terrorist groups as well as strengthening the notion of nationality in the Iraqi people.”