Committee of Geneva meets YPG & YPJ

 Mehmet Balci & Ann-Kristin Syöberg : The 2 named persons have nothing to do with the „Geneva Conference“ but represent an private NGO which is titled “Geneva call”. (MESOP)

Saturday, 12 October 2013 hawarnews – DÊRIK– A committee from Geneva Conference met YPG (People Defense Units) and YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) executives in Dêrik.

YPG’s Press Office released a statements about the meetings and remarked that the committee came to Rojava (west of Kurdistan) by passing through Sêmalka Border Gate between west and south of Kurdistan. It is stated that Executive of the Middle East Bureau of Geneva Mihemed Balcî and Executive of Latin America Wan Kest Ann-Kristin Syöberg met YPG and YPJ executives in Dêrik. “We agreed on cleaning the mines and protecting women and children. We also gave them YPG and YPJ’s charter and got charter of Geneva Conference from them.”

The committee will have more meetings with YPG and YPJ later on and it is expected to have a protocol between them on the discussed issues.