COMMENTARY : The More Time Assad is Accorded, The Better Planning by the Islamists

Time is not on Syria’s side or its future.

Consider for a moment that a secret meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood took place recently in Cairo in which the different Shura Councils from Egypt, Syria, Gaza, and Jordan all came together to plan and chart the future of the organization in the aftermath of taking over Egypt, the first legitimate rule by the MB 85 years after Hassan al-Banna founded the organization in Egypt (Anniversary in March 2013).

What would their agenda be if not to plan how to conquer Syria next?

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is asleep at the helm believing that time is on its side. That’s why, on January 10, Secretary Panetta preached patience on Syria by alluding to “waiting for Assad to fall”. While Obama, Panetta, Kerry, and Brennan wait, the Muslim Brotherhood is using this precious time to plan for one takeover after another in the Levant region. There is no element of surprise but the one Obama will be facing when he looks at the map of the Middle East to make this observation:

“Say Kerry, this map you showed me this morning colored in green, is this true? The Islamic extremists now control most of the Levant region?”

If al-Qaeda, controlling barren Afghanistan, did so much damage to US interests, what do you think the extremist elements in the MB waiting to execute their Caliphate dream will do with the wealth before them in the Arab world? As Assad extorted from rich Gulf countries to keep economically deprived Syria afloat, so will the Brothers to keep their newly minted Empire afloat.

As for the secret meeting of the MB, this administration knows too well what is going on. Either it is ignoring the red flags or is truly ignorant of what this might entail.

New prediction. Coining the term “The Arab Spring” to reflect multiple uprisings was a bit premature. Thanks to President Obama’s retreat, a better one would be the Arab Wars with Syria recording its beginning until a full take over by the Islamists.