Clashes between PJAK & the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

PJAK ROJHELAT 18.4.2013 – Numbers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards died in two clashes between the “Party of Free Life of Kurdistan” and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces.

There are some officers among dead bodies. Last night 15th April a group of military forces while ambushing for Kurdish Kolbers near the “Guli” village in “Rebet” city, attacked PJAK guerillas. In these clashes some members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards forces died and wounded. There is not any information about the number of Iranian forces casualities. In addition to this, last week also in result of a military operation of Iranian Revolutionary Guards against PJAK guerillas in “Dambat” area of “Mako” seven members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards died. One of the “Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK)” members confirmed these clashes and said their guerillas had no casualties.