CEMIL BAYIK : Syria Kurds will introduce their democratic autonomy to the world in 2014

31.12.2013 – MESOP – The chief of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Leading Council Cemil Bayik stated the Kurds in Syria will introduce in 2014 their democratic autonomy to the world as an example of democratic and revolutionary move, Firat News reported.

As the Palestine and Syria developments are of great importance to the Arabs the developments in Syria Kurdish regions are very vital to the Kurds and the liberation of the regions will complete Arab Spring in the Middle East, he said. The Kurds want to prove that they are able to control the regions, Bayik went on to say, underlining that the PKK jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan has taught the basis of democracy to Syria Kurds during his 20-year-long stay in the country and no one can therefore can oppose to the Kurdish autonomy in the north of Syria. He further stressed the presence of Kurds in the upcoming Geneva II is very important and the Kurds should not be depicted as been divided and being in different fronts.