Cemil Bayık: Geneva II is stillborn

ANF – Behdinan 22.01.2014  – KCK Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık has stressed that the forces attending the Geneva II Conference are external forces and that none of the forces involved in the fighting is present. Cemil Bayık added: “How will resolutions passed at Geneva be implemented?  Who will implement them? There is no force capable of doing this. Consequently Geneva is stillborn.”

Bayık stressed that the trucks stopped in Adana and Hatay containing arms and ammunition belonging to MIT have demonstrated once again the assistance provided to Al Qaeda by the Turkish state. Bayık added: “It has now been documented that the war being waged by Al Qaeda in Syria is the Turkish state’s war.” Cemil Bayık criticised the coverage of the clashes in Rojava by Rudaw TV, inviting the TV station: “to respect the efforts of and the struggle developed by the people of Rojava and those who have fallen”.

Bayık said that there were forces that had put their hopes in the defeat of the revolution in Rojava, adding: “There is an ongoing civil war in Syria and it is in the nature of conflict that there will be defeats as well as victories. Whoever evaluates the situation better and adopts the correct strategy and tactics will achieve a result.” Bayık saluted the resistance demonstrated by the Kurdish people in Rojava and called on all those who describe themselves as Kurdish patriots, democrats and those with human values “to respect this resistance.”