Hi dear EUTCC administrators & campaign organizers to have free Kurdish activist Mr. Adem Uzun,

Below is my response to your request of write message to France Government and enjoy the your great job. Thank you for doing this professional & diplomatic lobby at international level.Respectful you and your directors and supporters anywhere around the world.

Your truly, Issa Mosa – Canada 




Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013 06:59:53 +0000

Dear Sir and Madam,

Premier Minister of France,

Use your power and leadership to Release the Kurdish Peace Negotiator Diplomat Mr. Adem Uzun without any condition.

I am signing and sending you this letter as joining campaign to appeal your government for release Mr. Adem Uzun today better than tomorrow due of the urgency politic situation in the region between Turkish Authority – Kurdish Parties around the world include Kurdistan in large (two Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey).

Therefore, as Kurd or nationalism of my holly land (Kurdistan) and you are more then any individual who is nationalism or citizen from other country and how do you feel if one of your active France Citizen Diplomat is arrested in New York, USA as example?

You should not blame anyone if the sender or writer of the letter to you from your neighbourhood person or from North America and Australia to ask you that it is time for you take quick action in this matter and my regards of your consideration.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Issa Mosa

Calgary, Canada