Call for KRG action to stop violence against women

KURDISTAN TRIBUNE – 1.8.2012 – The General Directorate of Trace (Warven), a  non-governmental organisation for the defence of women’s rights, has issued a statement telling the people of Kurdistan that, in its first 100 days, the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet has failed to introduce any new measures to tackle the problem of violence against women.

In this statement they identified several steps that the KRG should take to improve the situation:

 A coherent programme to promote equality between men and women in the south of Kurdistan.

Special legislation to curb violence against woman.

Review and restructure the Women’s Council and the Organisation for Defending Women because they are not currently capable of protecting women from violence.

In this new KRG cabinet only a few woman have been appointed. Trace has called on the women’s committee in the Kurdistan parliament to summon the government for further investigation into how to increase  women’s representation.

 The government should not allow the assailants and murderers of women to go free.