British Ex-Army Chief: We Should Not Just Watch Islamic State Commit Horrors / SAS & US communications experts spread virus through IS command networks


Basnews | Luke Coleman – LONDON – 31 May 2015 – The expansion of Britain’s commitment to train Iraqi forces has been welcomed by former Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mike Jackson. Speaking to The Sunday Express, Gen. Jackson supported last week’s assertion by his successor General Richard Dannatt that the deployment of troops on the ground in Iraq must be debated.

“How long is Britain and the West prepared to stand back and allow IS to carry on? Britain certainly cannot unilaterally send a brigade to Syria but I don’t think we should just sit back and watch as IS [Islamic State] commits the horrors it is committing.“If there was a fresh coalition with the right mandate and clearly laid out objectives, I for one would back it.”His comments were made as it was revealed that a division of signallers from the British SAS have been working with US counterparts to disrupt the mobile and digital communications of IS command by infecting networks with a virus. IS commanders have been made aware by coalition special forces that there is a hit list being compiled. In an example of psychological warfare, troops have been gathering evidence from tribal leaders opposed to IS, with which they will target high-ranking IS individuals. A source told the newspaper, “We know we are having an effect because we’ve seen them change their tactics. We are in the backyard of their evil sanctuary and they know it. “We need to rattle IS, take out or capture some of their key staff, as well as put pressure on them by using electronic means.”