BDP STATEMENET ANKARA : It is Ankara’s turn to take a step further

28.6.2013 – The Kurdish conflict at its current stage and the continuing spread of a month-long democratic opposition across the whole country requires a genuine democratic change and transformation in Turkey.

There was only one reason causing a delay in change and the transformation until now and that was the armed confrontation in the unresolved Kurdish conflict. Today, we are not at this point anymore. We are going through a very important process that is paving the way for the democratization in Turkey. The ultimate solutions to the main problems faced by Turkey are only possible with the democratic resolution of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey, including the perspective of the overall democratization.

Resolution of the Kurdish Conflict, would democratize Turkey, meet its social, political, cultural and all of its demands, and furthermore will institutionalize democracy and freedoms built on a strong foundation and democratize the administrative branch of the government.

The ongoing negotiation and the resolution process that is currently on the way is vital for everyone. The common future of the country is based on the success of this resolution process. The whole country will benefit if all of us together will be able to build this process on a sound and sustainable foundation.

Meeting the demands of today’s emerging democratic society, will only be possible with continuation of a successful democratic resolution process. A democratic struggle which considers the current peace process as its central argument would force the government to take further steps and subsequently the AKP would be unable to escape a change and transformation.

Today, we are at the most important stage of the negotiation and resolution process. In the second phase of the process, steps for democratization are expected to accelerate and at this point social demands and expectations of this important process are increasing with each passing day. The government and parliament in particular is facing an important test for Democracy.

Peace and Democracy Party have presented a package of amendments containing important legal regulations that would pave the way for the peace process and open democratic political channels.

Removal of TMK, shortening the long period of detention, the removal of provisions in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) that restrict freedom of thought and assembling political organization, lowering electoral threshold, ending inequality in treasury help, the removal of restrictions on democratic protest, freedom in the use of language in political propaganda, limiting the authority of the police, lifting reservations on international treaties about children’s rights, human rights and cultural rights; approval of Cemevi as a place of worship for Alawids and many more regulatory amendments are included in the emergency democracy package which have been presented by BDP.

These are important steps that would democratize Turkey, open political channels and normalize the political climate.

How much longer can a structure of a country would survive that imprison deputies, elected mayors, politicians, journalists and lawyers; restricts the thought and freedom of association; prohibits the demand for all kinds of rights; clogs democratic political channels; installs unjust anti-democratic electoral system and maintain courts of special jurisdiction that jails anyone dares to speak? How channels of democratic politics can be opened with this structure? How could a social environment of peace and security be achieved? How long more the AKP is going to be able to govern this country with a coup constitution, anti-democratic prohibitionist laws and the antiquated institutions of guardianship?

The government must overhaul the current system completely and start democratic reforms urgently. The Prime Minister met with the wise man counsel yesterday, listened and received the regional reports from them. The government needs to draft a road map, without losing any time, addressing resolutions identified and proposed in these reports that include recommendations made by the BDP.

It is Ankara’s turn to take a step further now

Now that guns are silent, it is politics’ turn and the Government’s task. This process should never be distracted and postponed. Government could not continue this process “with don’ts”. Based on the information made public via media, approaches such as education in the mother tongue” “Electoral threshold will not be lowered,” “Continuing the construction of Military Gendarme Stations” reveals the government attitude that does not serve objectives of a solution. First of all, the government must clarify its stance on democratic reforms and should implement an emergency action plan as soon as possible. We would like to see the prime minister and the government’s official stance after his meeting with the wise man counsel. The expectation of our people, society and the public are in this direction. The public is waiting for the accelerated process of democratic reforms, not the accelerated construction of the military stations.

Now, it is a time for action not words. The government should reveal a road map as soon as possible.


BDP Group Deputy Chairperson – Member of Parliament Representing Bingöl