BDP reelects Kishanak and Demirtash as co-chairpersons

15.10.2012 – MESOP  – Congress of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) ended on Sunday after reelecting Gulten Kishanak and Selahattin Demirtash as the party’s new co-chairpersons. The pro-Kurdish BDP convened at the Ahmet Taner Kishlali Sports Hall in the Turkish capital on Sunday for its second extraordinary congress. The BDP invited a number of Kurdish political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan region, including Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Delivering a speech at the event, BDP Co-chairwoman Gulten Kishanak renewed her party’s call for a solution to the long-standing Kurdish question. Kishanak also called on the government to end the imprisonment of Ocalan, who has been kept in a prison on Imrali Island in the Sea of Marmara since he was captured in 1998. BDP Co-chairman Selahattin Demirtash also addressed participants at the congress and said they were ready for the solution to the Kurdish question.