Meeting Kurds’ rights needs time, PKK is seeking power: analyst tells Kurdpress

19.10.2013 – A Turkey Kurdish political analyst believes Turkey will meet the demands of the Kurds but it needs time and added the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is seeking power in Turkey politics.

The PKK three demands as a prerequisite for the continuation of its peace talks is not wired at all and all of them will be met in the country but they need time, Mohsen Qizilkaya told Kurdpress on Wednesday. Accepting the rights of the Kurds, learning in mother tongue and having a democratic autonomy system does not need remaining in the mountains, Qizilkaya said about the PKK recent statement and its threat to end the peace period. He further underlined both the PKK and Ankara has come to the conclusion that war will take them no way. He further stated the establishment of the Peoples’ Democratic Party from pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) to achieve the votes of Turkish leftists is a wrong step and will bring no success to the PKK. He also expressed his surprise in Turkey media usage of the word Rojava, meaning ‘western Kurdistan’ in referring to Syria Kurdish regions and said it’s Turkey media secret sympathy with the Kurds in the country.

This is a joking reality since Turkey media use Rojava very easily but do not use Kurdistan and do not accept Bakor (Turkey Kurdistan), Bashar (Iraqi Kurdistan), and Rojhalat (Iranian Kurdistan).