BDP: AKP government’s attacks to be responded with a stronger organization

25 December 2012 – ANF – BDP released its final statement on Party Council and Central Executive Board meetings last week.

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has released its final statement on Party Council and Central Executive Board meetings which were held on 21-22 December. The final statement underlined that AKP government’s total attack against the BDP will be responded with a stronger organization.

Referring to current situation in Syria, BDP said that the developments in this territory will determine the future of Kurdish people and all other peoples in Turkey. BDP said that the AKP government has failed to determine the future of Syria by means of creating a Sunni line in the country despite providing all kinds of support to radical groups and gangs that it has provoked to attack the people in Syria.

BDP remarked that the party would hold congresses in 12 cities and 49 districts with an aim to give a stronger response to AKP government’s attacks on the party. It added that BDP Women’s Assemblies will also be giving a more effective struggle from now on to ensure that women can play an active part in the political struggle and policies on women could become more visible.

“Our party will continue to defend the demands highlighted by hunger strikers in the recent term”, BDP underlined and listed the main points highlighted at Party Council and Central Executive Board meetings as follows;

* BDP will be carrying out works to defend the achievements of people in Rojova, to enhance solidarity with Rojava people who have been subjected to embargo and to give a fight to have the border gates here opened.

* BDP co-chairs and deputies as well as BDP Mardin, Şırnak, Hakkari and Siirt organizations will be in Roboski at the first anniversary of the Roboski Massacre.

* A press statement will be made in front of Diyarbakır Courthouse on 27 December in protest against the non-progress of Roboski case in the last one year.

*All BDP organizations will stage protest demos and commemoration ceremonies for Roboski on 28 December.

* BDP co-chairs and deputies will join provincial and district organizations’ plannings on congresses and solidarity actions.

* All BDP organizations will pay visits to jailed party members and act in solidarity with them.

* BDP organizations in metropolitan cities will elect an administrator responsible for the rights of workers there and informing BDP Parliamentary Group about the working conditions and right violations they face.

* BDP will meet Alewis in the scope of dialogue meetings.