Bayık: AKP is not preparing a democracy package

ANF – Behdinan 17.08.2013 – KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık, said that the AKP government is approaching the democratic solution process in a not serious manner. Bayık said: “The AKP is preparing not a democracy but a deceitful and not genuine package”.

Bayık also said that the people of Rojava will succeed in obtain the recognition of their status and would set an example for all people.

Underlining the efforts to elaborate a solution to the conflict which would lead to a just a lasting peace made by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, Cemil Bayık also said that the AKP government is the approach of a government which is “afraid of democracy, as they find it contrary to their interests. But the government – added the KCK co-chair – finds itself under pressure from the demands for democracy and peace by the people. This is why they are rushing into preparing a mock package of reforms, which is really an attempt to further mislead people”.