BasNews signs partnership contract with German News agency DPA

25.12.2013 – BasNews (Germany): Last Friday, BasNews Europe representative Faysal Dagli signed an agreement with DPA representative Rainier Winker in  the German City of Hamburg.According to the agreement there will be an exchange of news and reports as well as photos on Kurdistan and Germany.

“We have already given a lot of importance to Kurdish news, but after this agreement, we will give more importance,” said Winker. He also acknowledged that because they do not have correspondents in Kurdistan, BasNews’ assistance will be key. BasNews along with publishes news and reports in both Kurdish dialects Sorani and Kurmanji, English, Arabic, Turkish and  German.

“BasNews has done an important job for German media in having a German section, we will monitor the section closely,” said the DPA representative.

Winker also revealed that he will travel to the Kurdistan Region shortly to visit BasNews Agency. Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (DPA; German Press Agency) is a news agency founded in 1949 in Germany. Based in Hamburg, it has grown to be a major worldwide operation serving print media, radio, television, online, mobile phones, and national news agencies. News is available in German, English, Spanish, and Arabic.