Barzani warns PYD about imposing power

22.5.2013 – KURDPRESS  – The office of Kurdistan Region’s president warned in a statement the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in imposing its power against other parties. No group is allowed to impose its power on others, Massoud Barzani’s office said, adding the high-ranking delegation of Kurds National Council (KNC) is the representation of Syria Kurds.

The statement has not directly addressed PYD where it says a “definite party” is imposing its power on others suing its armed forces and is increasingly deviating from Erbil agreement, brokered by Barzani and signed among Syria Kurdish parties in 2012. “We would not allow our support applied to impose power on others,” the statement said, warning the Iraqi northern self-ruling region will inevitably reconsider its policies in supporting the Syrain Kurdish parties.

The statement is seemingly addressing PYD after its military forces arrested on Sunday 74 members of al-Party, another Syria Kurdish party that enjoying Barzani’s plain Support.