Barzani warns Baghdad to make unpredicted decision

6-3-2014 – Kurdpress – The President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani warned the central government in Baghdad over tensions with the Kurdish enclave and threatened to make unpredicted decisions. If Baghdad does not solve problems and lengthens differences we will make decisions they have never expected, Barzani said in a ceremony commemorating the return of 95 body remains of Barzanis in 1988.

He further denied Erbil-Baghdad dispute is an oil or budget issue, noting that the central government is seeking to destroy “the Kurds status and their pride.” “They want us to remain a follower and do not have our own decision. They want to deal with the region as a province. They want to rule, make decisions and make us to put them into action and forget all those victims the Kurds have given. That’s the real problem,” he said. “But we step forward and will not return.” Barzani later criticized Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and wanted the PM to “be trustful as what he says is a coup against the parliament when he said he will spent Iraq’s budget without any permission from the legislative body since it was the parliament that formed the government.”