18.11.2013 – Kurdpress. – Situation in Turkey has changed, I will visit Diyarbakir in Newroz: Barzani says in response to BDP blames

The President of Kurdistan Region in the north of Iraq said he could not accept last New Year invitation of Turkey pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) to visit southeastern Kurdish city of Diyarbakir but the situation has now changed and I will hopefully return to Diyarbakir this Newroz.

My brothers in BDP have lamented why I did not accept their invitation to attend in Newroz celebrations, I should say the situation was not ripe and I could not go to Diyarbakir, Barzani told a TV interview in Diyarbakir on Sunday, in the second day of his visit to the city at the official invitation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Answering a question about the three-time-postponed conference of the Kurds, Barzani said the preparation committee made some mistakes since they did not study the preparatory needs before setting the conference’s date to begin and now they need time to solve problems. He met on Sunday with some Turkey Kurdish officials among them Diyarbakir Mayor Osman Baydemir, independent deputy Layla Zana and Democratic Congress Society (DTK) co-Leader Ahmet Turk.