Barzani reacts to PYD local administration in Syria

04.03.2014 – Mewan Dolamari – BasNews, Erbil – Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP) official website denied accusations that Barzani is unhappy with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) or any other party in Syrian Kurdistan but stands by his belief that a unilateral ruling system cannot exist in that region.

The official spokesman of the KRP, Umed Sabah clarified KRG’s stance regarding PYD-led local administration in Syrian Kurdistan. “Some media outlets announced that the Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani does not accept the PYD. I announce that Kurdistan Region President does not have a problem with any particular party there, but rather has assisted to get all the parties together in order to have a mutual stance,” Sabah said. “If the political parties in Syrian Kurdistan get together and hold a mutual stance, then the Kurdistan Region President will support their efforts.  But he cannot support a unilateral ruling system in the area,” reads the statement. “All the media have to be more responsible and truthful in treating these facts and avoid clouding the reality if their aim is to help the Kurdish people in Syrian Kurdistan.” So far Iraqi Kurdistan has not recognized the Kurdish local administration in Syrian Kurdistan and the three cantons formed in the region by PYD.