Leaders of Syria Kurdish parties to visit Moscow at Barzani’s advice

HAWLATI / MESOP – 17.3.2013 – Syria- A month after Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani met Moscow officials in Kremlin, a group of Syria Kurdish parties leaders are planned to pay the same visit to Russia to discuss political situation in Syria and the ways to tackle the two-year-long conflict that is deteriorating every day.

A group of Syria Kurdish leaders are due to go to Moscow in an official visit and at the advice of Barzani, Hawlati website said, adding that the date of the trip is not set yet.

A member of Kurds National Council (KNC), Kawa Aziz, said the visit comes after Barzani’s visit to Moscow and discussing Syria crisis with President Vladimir Putin and his government officials. Another Kurdish official from KNC, main body of Syria Kurds, who refused to be named said the visit would be a golden chance for strengthen Barzani position in Syria Kurdish regions. The official said Moscow would most probably ask Syria Kurds to listen to Barzani comments. Affirming the visit, pro-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) representative in Kurdistan Region, Muhammad Shikho, said the visit will take five days.