Barzani denies reports he wanted pan-Kurdish national conference delay

By Hawar Abdul-Razaq – Basnews -Hewlêr, 8.9.2013 – :  Iraq’s Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, has denied reports that he wanted to postpone the Kurdish national conference.

Earlier this week, media reports claimed that Barzani wanted the first national Kurdish summit to be delayed because he didn’t want to upset neighboring countries, in particular Turkey and Iran, who are concerned that the conference could signal a first step toward the creation of an independent Greater Kurdistan. –  “Kurdistan’s president from the start has wanted the national conference to be held as soon as possible. That’s why the postponement of the conference doesn’t have anything to do with the president and, as the organizing committee clearly states, the reason behind the delay was the election,” a statement issued by the office of the president said. Barzani also calls on the Kurdish media not to turn the conference into a “political game” saying “the conference is in the interest of every Kurd.”