Barzani agrees with demands of the opposition parties

Kurdpress / MESOP  – 4.4.2013 – Erbil- In a meeting between Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani and a committee which decides on tensions between Baghdad and Erbil, Barzani agreed with some requests of the opposition parties of the northern autonomous region.

The opposition parties have reportedly announced three requests which have been accepted by Barzani. The opposition lines’ offers include, holding the region’s elections on the due date, releasing No.2 draft of the region’s parliament in the regional government’s official daily, which is over the requests of 2010, February 17 protesters and also making reforms the opposition parties have always asked for. The region’s elections will be, therefore, held on due date, the region’s parliament No.2 draft will be released in Kurdistan Waqayea, the official daily of the region.  The yesterday meeting decided the deputies and ministers of the northern region will not return Baghdad Parliament and will take other steps if ruling National Alliance will not respond to the Kurdish deputies.