Barham Salih & Abdullah Gul discuss bilateral, regional issues


Ankara- 6.4.2013 – Kurd Press – The deputy leader of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Barham Salih, visited Turkey President Abdullah Gul in Ankara on Friday and discussed bilateral and regional issues.

Voicing his worry about current political situation in Iraq, Gul stressed dialogue and negotiation are the only ways to end Iraq problems, PUKmedia the mouthpiece of PUK, said. Gul, however, said he is happy about current relations between Turkey and the northern autonomous Iraqi region of Kurdistan and demanded more ties between the two sides.

The visiting Salih shed light on latest Iraq developments and said ten years after the fall of Baath regime, the political situation of Iraq is still destabilized and worrisome. Salih, in the meeting, has warned of Iraq’s division and cautioned Kurds will hold referendum to either remain a part of Iraq or bade it farewell. The PUK official added the northern region has been a forerunner in democratic attempts in Iraq and will follow the some approach. He further hailed increasing industrial relation between Kurdistan Region and Turkey.