Baghdad & Erbil increase oil production: Maliki

Kurdpress – 7.2.2014 – Iraqi Premier Nouri al- Maliki stated Baghdad and Erbil governments will increase their oil production to help improving Iraq’s situation in diverse fields.

In order to improve the situation of political prisoners, martyrs’ families and Iraq different classes as well as the country’s development, Baghdad and Kurdistan Region have decided to increase their crude production, Maliki said in his weekly speech. The PM, however, did not point to disputes between the central government and the government in the northern self- ruling enclave over oil. He further asked Parliament deputies to haste passing 2014 budget since the life of Iraqis will not change without the budget. Maliki stressed his government is determined in fighting and rooting up terrorism, adding that Baghdad will fight against any foreign or internal line or party that backs terrorism in Iraq.