BACKGROUND : Pan-Kurdish National Conference puts self-determination at the top of its priorities

August 21, 2013 –  | | – ERBIL-Hewlêr, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— The drafting committee of the Kurdish National Congress has issued a press release about its preparations going on for the last one month since the Hewler (Erbil) meeting which was attended by all political circles from four parts of Kurdistan on 22 July. The Kurdish National Congress will take place on 15-16-17 September 2013 and will witness the participation of 600 delegates and 300 guests.

The preparatory committee of the Kurdish National Conference said on Tuesday, that the right of self-determination for the Kurds will be a top priority for the conference to be held next month, referring to the representation of all Kurdish religious and sectarian components in the conference. Earlier Tuesday, the Committee decided to hold the conference in mid of next September in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region and will last for three days.

“The right to self-determination will be a main part in the conference, it is our right and we work according to what the people want,” The member of the Preparatory Committee, Kamal Kirkuki said at a news conference in Erbil.

The opening speech of the press release was made by drafting committee secretariat member Ronahi Serhat who condemned the closure of Kurdish channels MMC, Nuçe TV and Roj Tv by Danish judiciary, Firat news reported.

Serhat remarked that the preparations for the congress have been based on ensuring the participation and support of all organized structures and individuals.

The components of the members of the conference will be as follows: 10% of youth organizations, 10% for figures, 35% for non-governmental organizations and 45% of the political parties.

The committee indicated that it has decided that women would make up a total of 40% of the total members of attendees and represent the four parts of Kurdistan by what has been agreed upon under the percentage to the total population.

Serhat pointed out that the congress will help to ease the pain of the peoples in the Middle East, pave the way for Democratic Unity of the Middle East and handle a historic project for democracy and freedom. Serhat invited all those who side with a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish problem to attend the 1st Kurdish National Unity Congress.Meanwhile Israeli Jewish Kurds want representation in upcoming Pan-Kurdish national conference in Iraqi Kurdistan, Arutz Sheva reported.

Serhat ended the statement by underlining that “The Kurdish people have one single demand and that is for the ending of the historical cruelty and unfairness and for the achievement of their identity, freedom and the right to live in dignity like all other peoples in the world. The unity of the Kurdish people doesn’t stand against any power or state. The unity of Kurdish people will build peace and a democratic solution with the peoples of the Middle East, it will not bring raise conflict and war”.

The member of the Preparatory Committee, Saadi Pera said during a press conference in response to a question on reservations of the neighboring countries, led by Iran that , “we have not received anything official on the existence of a reservation from Iran, that why we did not discuss the subject”.

It is scheduled to hold a conference attended by 300 foreign guests and the membership of 600 people from different regions of Kurdish parts of Iraq and Turkey, Syria and Iran as well as Kurds who live in exile.

Pera said that “Faili, Yazidis and Alawis are all Kurds and members as they will be represented and will participate either by parties, associations, organizations or political figures”. It was scheduled to hold a conference, which is considered the first of its kind in the 24th of this month, but the rumors about the differences among the various political forces to assume the presidency of the Conference that resulted in postponing it for two weeks. Some leaks indicated that the involved parties have decided that the presidency of the Conference would be on a regular basis and for Kurdistan Regions’ President, Massoud Barzani to head the presidency of the Conference for the first time due to his political weight in the region.