Aydar: We are ready for new talks with Turkish government

 24 September 2012 – ANF – In an interview with BBC Turkish service, Zübeyir Aydar said AKP government responsible for deadlock in talks

Speaking to BBC Turkish service on talks held in Oslo between the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council member Zübeyir Aydar indicated the AKP government is responsible for the deadlock in the talks. Aydar, who took part in the meetings in Norway’s capital city Oslo, said that they wanted negotiations to continue and added that; “The Turkish government didn’t fulfill its promises in the period of negotiations which the Turkish officials ended without us knowing it.” Aydar pointed to KCK arrests as the leading factor harming the Oslo talks which –he added- had made some progress in 2009. KCK Executive Council member said that “The government didn’t show a will for solution to the Kurdish problem and wanted to put its own project into practice by keeping our movement in a non-conflict environment.”

Aydar continued mentioning the arrest of the ‘PKK peace group’, who crossed the border in Habur to bring a message of peace in October of 2009, and noted that the government didn’t keep its promise not to arrest the members of the peace group.

Asked about the possibility of a new round of Oslo talks, Aydar said they would unconditionally come to the table in the event of receiving a request in this respect. Aydar added that; “Our people are ready for peace as we believe in the necessity of dialogue on the way to a solution to the Kurdish problem. The people who have died in the intense conflict environment in the last one year wouldn’t have lost their life if the negotiations had continued.” Aydar ended reminding of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan’s words ‘I need to be provided with a healthy, secure and free environment in order to play a role in the process of negotiations’ and added; “Without our leader who has been denied any contact for 424 days now, we may face difficulties in putting the decisions of our organization into practice.”